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What is the optimal garage door maintenance frequency?

Full cleaning, inspection, panel repainting, and lubrication maintenance must be done two times a year, preferably in the spring and in early fall. Our specialists recommend that the opener safety sensors are cleaned, inspected, and tested every three months. The touch reversal mechanism must be tested along with them. This is a highly effective schedule.

Are weather seals really necessary?

They help to block the thin gaps between the overhead garage door and its frame. In this way, they provide for better insulation and help protect the sides of the panels from dust, dirt, and moisture damage. It is important for weather strips to be installed on all sides of the door and especially at the bottom.

My overhead door is making creaking sounds. What is the deal?

Strange noises are warning signs that something is not doing well in your garage door, as you have probably guessed. The first thing to check is the rollers – are they steel? Did you make sure to lubricate the tracks? If not, they might be causing the creaking sounds. It is best to call for maintenance service and inspection once a year, this way you keep your door's condition in check.

How do I maintain the garage door tracks?

Check if they are aligned first and adjust the vertical and horizontal sections, if needed. Tighten the bolts and replace any missing ones. If the tracks are dirty, use an appropriate cleaner to remove the dirt going from the bottom down. A mild solvent or a brake cleaner will do a good job.

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