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Do you know anything about the safety garage door opener features? Discover things with these tips

Keep tracks at the right distance from the door

Garage door tracks must have a specified position so that the overhead door can move without binding, falling or jamming. If you're adjusting tracks, remember that they must be ½'' away from the door. You can always rely on the assistance of our experts.

Maintain the door to enjoy it longer

The more you maintain the garage door, the longer you'll keep it. Good lubrication maintenance and repairs tune up garage doors. When garage door parts are inspected and treated properly, they move better and do not age fast. You will escape problems and accidents, too.

Learn about your doors safety features

To remain safe, familiarize yourself with the safety features of your garage door opener. This will allow you to respond appropriately to any incident that may call for you to use one of the safety features. Safety features vary from one opener to another.

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