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Garage Door Springs
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There are garage door springs for lightweight doors and for heavier ones. Theoretically, the rule is that extension springs are ideal for most residential doors while torsion spring garage door systems are perfect for heavier applications. In practice, people use multiple springs even if there is no imminent need. Although the rule is that only one torsion spring is to be used for average weight doors, people install a second one so they won't have a problem if the first one breaks. Since the job of springs is to open and close the door, broken springs would just leave the door shut. The two types of springs have the same mission but work in a different way. They also both require adjustment occasionally since they lose some of their tension every time the door moves.

Our team fixes spring damage efficiently

Garage Door Springs Garage door springs have special requirements and particularities. The services of Garage Door Repair Forest Lake won't only ensure their longevity but also their good condition and perfect performance over the years. Once your overhead door springs are strong enough to move the door, you have nothing to fear. Spring problems can be serious since they immobilize the door and become a threat themselves if suddenly snap. We take care of broken garage doors spring right away but also have the capacity to deal with all their problems and prevent their snapping.

Moreover, our notable company proudly offers top broken spring replacement for your overhead door that is meticulous and performed by highly skilled technicians. Likewise, are equally thorough during the installation of new springs and always available for garage door repair services. Both torsion and extension springs need adjustment in order to have enough power to move the door and keep it well-balanced. Earnest professionals are properly trained, well-equipped, and respond fast to your calls for urgent repairs. We take care of damaged springs, let our customers know when it's time for their replacement, and make sure all related services are performed with excellence.

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