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Handling a Malfunctioning Door

Handling a Malfunctioning Door
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Some things occur at the most inopportune times. Let’s say that you’re headed to work a bit later than usual in the morning. Due in no small part to the alarm clock not going off, you find that you’re in danger of being late for work. You carefully back the car out of the garage and press down on the button to close your garage door. And nothing happens. The garage door doesn’t close. But don’t throw your hands up in the air just yet. Take a few moments to look at several things that may be the root of the problem. There are several things you can check on your own without risking your safety before you contact a professional service provider.

Tips and Troubleshooting

Handling a Malfunctioning DoorThe first thing that you want to check is the sensors. Ensure that they haven’t somehow become misaligned, even slightly. Be certain that they’re both pointed directly at one another. If they’re not in sync and reading the signals then that will most definitely cause you an irritating setback. And check to see if the lights are actually on. Next, you’ll want to look at your track. Make sure something hasn’t fallen in and gotten stuck in the track itself. If anything so far is okay, the problem could be in the springs or opener. In this stage, it is best to turn to a professional for the handling of the issue, especially if the problem is in the springs. Remember, you might be in a hurry but your safety always comes first!

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