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Our Testimonials

Our Testimonials

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Extension Spring Problem Fixed Perfectly

I noticed that my automatic garage door was uneven and immediately thought that one of the cables must have snapped. However, I looked at them closely and they were in good condition. The experts of Garage Door Repair Forest Lake, on the other hand, identified the issue almost instantly and it turned out that the pulleys of the extension springs had seriously worn-out. These admirable professionals provided spare parts with exactly the same dimensions, make, and installed them with great accuracy. Now, the garage door springs work properly and the door is perfectly even. I greatly appreciated the speed and overall quality of the service.

Superbly Repaired Hinges and Tracks

My smoothly operating steel garage door became noisy all of a sudden so I lubricated the hardware components but this did not resolve the problem. Then I contacted Garage Door Repair Forest Lake for assistance and their marvelous team provided an effective solution swiftly. The detailed inspection revealed loose and worn-out hinges, track misalignment, and the skilled technicians acted without delay and in a professional manner. Old garage door hinges were replaced with new ones of even better quality, tracks aligned, and bolts tightened for perfect reliability. The job was completed in no time and I now enjoy highest quality results.

Speedy Provision of Replacement Remote

I have always tried to keep my garage door remote safe and secure, but a while ago I dropped it on a hard surface and it broke completely. Having used the services of Garage Door Repair Forest Lake before, I did not hesitate to call them right away. To my delight, their emergency assistance turned out to be as effective and reliable as the scheduled repair which they had provided previously. A friendly and professional technician provided a replacement remote control shortly after I had called along with practical tips on how to handle it.

Quickly Eliminated Trolley Issue

While the garage door opener motor continued to work the door simply refused to move. I contacted Garage Door Repair Forest Lake immediately and they were extremely helpful from the moment they picked up the phone. I did everything which they had instructed me to do while I was waiting for their arrival. I turned the device off and closed the door manually. They discovered that the garage door trolley had jammed and fixed it with great care. It was obvious they were well familiar with the issue and acted instantly. The trolley problem was resolved before I knew it.

Great Help Replacing our Rollers

Last week my garage doors stopped working, so I called Garage Door Repair in Forest Lake. They were the people who originally installed our doors and I’ve kept their number ever since. They sent out a technician on the same day, and he said that all my doors needed were some new rollers and a few slight adjustments. Pretty soon he had everything fixed! I didn't expect it to be over this quickly, and I got to say I was impressed. I love working with these guys, they are real professionals and I heartedly recommend them for any sort of garage door repairs.

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